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“Double Check” Quality Control Services

•  Standards are set up with each supplier, and submitted for approval to our customers on each order. The standards include point count allowed, color, hand, width and piece lengths. Futterman provides a specification sheet on each order to the supplier which is approved by the customer and covers all key components.
• Submissions are provided by the supplier before shipment for customer approval.
• Futterman carefully reviews all submissions for approval of all specifications.
• On all napped fabric, the supplier sends Futterman 1/4-1/2 yard of every roll in the shipment for evaluation to confirm consistent napping and dying.
• Futterman arranges for an independent audit of shipments by the internationally accepted SGS Organization. Specific benefits of an SGS audit are available upon request. Cost paid by customer.
• Futterman evaluates the audit report and provides the customer with a copy, along with appropriate recommendations prior to any shipment.
• Futterman is very aware of the importance of timely delivery, and we thus follow up daily to ensure that processing is moving forward to meet the shipment date.
• Futterman has arrangements with our custom agents, who work closely with our clients to ensure a smooth process at the point of entry.

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